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      Petit Life — Baby Store

      The shift to an E-commerce Boutique

      The shift to an E-commerce Boutique

      Recently, we made the decision to move from our brick-and-mortar stores to an e-commerce baby boutique with a wholesale offering. We’ve received so much excitement around this move, especially from our Johannesburg and Durban customers. In this blog, we deep-dive into ‘why’ this decision was the BEST decision we’ve ever made.


      Rent & Reason


      It’s no secret that growing, local businesses renting a physical store aren’t getting the support they need from landlords. But, are desperately eager to run sustainable, long-term, profitable stores.

      Everyone knows that economies of scale work in most businesses, and most certainly applies to the retail industry. The level of expansion required to reach these economies however, basically puts you in the realm of big box retail.

      We still have an office space and warehouse. But, we’re no longer concerned about a hike in rental from year-to-year. We’re also not worried about an unexpected reshuffle/closure of our neighbouring brands.


      The retail landscape is changing, and we took control of what we know best. Ultimately, it was about delivery to our customers. How to offer a customer base value is ultimately a location, quality and price balance. We are better set to achieve this through our e-commerce platform.


      Customer-Centric Culture


      Since inception, in 2010, we’ve made it our mission to be South Africa’s parenting partners. We position the customer at the very core of our organisation. We channel decision-making around the feedback we receive from moms, dads, grandparents, aunties and uncles. Especially in the last 2 years, the call for a ‘Petit Love Johannesburg‘ has been part of this feedback. But, Durban, Bloemfontein and Somerset West were as equally prominent.  E-commerce allows us to curate our items with purpose, package with love, and deliver in a mere 1-2 days nationwide.



      Clever Collaborations


      Adding value in the complete value chain: Lifestyle (Brand), Retail (Online) and Wholesale (Brick & Mortar).  As a very proudly South African team, we’ve always been excited to partner with other local brands. Especially those we consider to be benchmarks within the industry. In 2018, the launch of Petit Rooms saw some incredible new doors open up for us. The ball started rolling quickly with new, collaborative opportunities.

      This includes the wholesale of our Petit Love Capsule & Signature collections. Additionally, from May 2019, Petit Love favourites are available at Olney Fashions in the Cape Quarter Lifestyle Centre in Green Point. Olney Fashions have a Petit Love Concept Box, where parents can shop for essentials or collect online orders (for those customers who prefer to pick up in person). During the course of the next few months, other Petit Love pop-ups and collaborations are set to appear nationwide – so be sure to keep an eye on @petitlovestore on Facebook andInstagram.


      Practical Parenting


      The baby and children’s industry is unique, not only because collections are made for the world’s most precious human beings, but also because parents seek simplicity at every turn.


      Busy moms who are bustling to their next appointment, or dads on a mission to grab essentials, no longer have to worry about piling little ones into the car to go shopping.


      Another added benefit of e-commerce, especially in Cape Town, is that customers don’t have to stress about finding parking, which often also costs a small fortune.


      Digital Shopping


      In a world where we’re all addicted to a social media platform on some level, e-commerce makes the ‘click-click-as-soon-as-you-love-love’ concept all together easier. From Facebook to your online basket, then straight to your door, digital shopping means that shopping becomes as easy as ‘one, two, three’.

      We collaborate with various brands and influencers on social media and take great pride in creating authentic photography. Through visual and written storytelling elements, we bring the Petit Love lifestyle to life to allow parents to engage with the luxury, cuteness and practicality of our items. We try to do this in a way that’s beyond a simple ‘touch-and-feel’ in-store experience.



      Faith, Trust, Pixie Dust & E-Commerce


      Over the years we’ve created a platform of positivity for customers and suppliers alike – and our online store is no different, only better. Parents can shop for travel systems, toys, clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and nursery room furniture and décor all in one spot. We’re proud suppliers of beloved brands such as Doona, Ruby Melon, JellycatMaxiCosi, Quinny and Mamakids, in addition to our own ethically-sourced and locally-made ranges for little girls and little boys from newborn to 4 years old.




      To get in touch | online@petitlove.co.za

      Photography by Wilma Kotze Photography.